A story guided by knowledge of the raw material:
Wood and its by-products.

Fuligna Valentino and Sensoli Gilberto begin their entrepreneurial adventure, working in an artisanal way with solid wood and wood veneer.
Work begins on wood-derived panels (chipboards faced with melamine and laminates). From an artisan company it begins to evolve into a prime industrial business, with much more attention paid to volume.
Specialisation in the transformation of faced panels increases. Production capacity grows together with the increase in personnel and investments in new machinery. The company begins to appear in foreign markets. New marketing channels are added.
New managerial roles are taken up in the company. The strengthening of the technical-sales department allows for timely control of all industrial phases. The company is equipped to provide an efficient, flexible and professional service to its Italian and foreign customers. Management of turn-key contracts and the introduction of furniture in ready to be assembled kits complete the company's offer.
The growth path of innovation continues: great attention to employee training, new machinery and a new Brand Identity, to fulfil the requirements of the global market.